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What we do

LogicPlay partners with large organizations tackling big, audacious strategy implementations, small organizations whose survival depends on getting it right, and every size organization in between.

We function as a strategy accelerant by working with leadership and teams at all levels to:
  • Develop simple guiding principles that lead to consistent decision making
  • Improve responsiveness to strategy and provide ongoing feedback
  • Increase organizational agility
  • Promote innovation at all levels
  • Increase productive vertical and lateral communication
Combined, these approaches help everyone in your organization better deal with the unknown so they can adopt a new mindset to help implement your strategy.

Team Development

Meeting Facilitation
DiSC personal assessment
Emotional intelligence training
Communication skills

A high performing team is a priceless business asset. The synergy that results when team members are aligned and working well together is difficult to measure.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. There is a price that organizations pay for team dysfunction that cannot necessarily be captured on a spreadsheet. We all know it when we see it - and it's toxic.

Our team development programs are designed to help teams realize their potential for high performance within their organization. All training sessions and workshops are interactive and designed to:
Engage all participants
Unlock the knowledge in the room
Break habitual thinking

For more information about team development offered by LogicPlay, please contact us today.

Leadership Development

Lego Serious Play consultant
DiSC personal assessment
Emotional intelligence training
Communication skills

Leaders at all levels today face unprecedented pressure to deliver faster, better results with fewer resources. It's simply the reality of most public and private business environments. The most successful leaders invest in themselves and learn new ways to adapt and respond to the changing demands of the workplace.Our leadership development programs are designed to help leaders uncover and leverage their natural leadership strengths. All workshops and confidential sessions begin with a personalized assessment and are guided by a development plan tailored for each leader.

LogicPlay provides leaders with a host of professional development options ranging from executive coaching to assertiveness training and emotional intelligence workshops. For more information about leadership development offered by LogicPlay, please contact us today.

Board Development

Board governance, mission, vision, and values
Board transition and conflict resolution
Strategy development and implementation
Meeting Facilitation
Emotional intelligence training
Communication skills

An effective, well-functioning Board of Directors is essential to the success of an organization. Too often, however, this critical guiding body of high-performing individuals does not have the support it needs in place to accomplish its charge.

Boards face many inherent challenges that make it difficult to function effectively.
Some of these challenges include:

Diverse backgrounds
Infrequent meetings
Differing points of view
Conflicting goals
Missing essential skill-sets

LogicPlay specializes in facilitating the critical functions that Boards require to ensure their success. From establishment to conflict resolution to transition and growth, LogicPlay works with your Board to allow your members to optimize their professional contributions. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Board members taking a Lego Serious Play workshop