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Are Your Healthcare Teams Equipped?

Are your teams equipped to work through the changes your healthcare system is facing?

Three of the top challenges facing healthcare today all have one thing in common—they require extensive planning, coordination, and cooperation of multidisciplinary care teams throughout your system in order to keep pace with the changes already underway. Spurred largely by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), your system is likely dealing with:

  1. New financial arrangements with payers intended to improve outcomes
  2. Care process redesigns to improve patient engagement and satisfaction scores
  3. Increased data demands for new quality measures, decision making, and analytics
With a well-adopted triple aim of better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower cost, the quality strategy of CMS includes:

  • Financial incentives to improve care,
  • Tying payment to value through new payment models, and
  • Delivering care in a way that emphasizes teamwork, coordination, and a greater attention to population health.
While value-based programs reward health care providers with incentive payments for the quality of care they give to patients with Medicare, these programs are leading the way for a national movement to reform how health care is delivered and paid for. Many private payers are already following suit.

Transformations in Healthcare Require Transformations in Teamwork

Board mandates, standing committees, and even well-functioning quality improvement teams are not sufficient to address the depth and complexity of interaction needed in order to discuss, agree and commit to process changes, and move the leading indicators that will result in measurable changes to realize the benefits of value-based programs.

Are you working on reducing hospital-acquired conditions or hospital readmission rates? Looking for ways to take advantage of the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing program or the Value Modifier Program? If so, you need the right people in the room—on task and committed to the same outcome.

Whether you are striving to meet the reporting requirements and necessary process changes for these or any other quality payment programs, give your teams the best chance for success by providing them with the tools they need to make it happen.

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