Past LEGO Serious Play Workshops

Team-Focused Workshops


Full day workshop for a team of lean specialists to better understand who is on the team and develop a culture and behavior to help the team attain their vision.

Develop a unique team culture; one fully aligned with the corporate culture.

The workshop concluded with the individuals considering what personal change they would have to commit to in order to support the new team culture.


Two-day workshop with the primary goals of building more trust and respect.

Reduce frustrations by understanding each other's responsibilities and priorities.

Supply Chain and Sourcing

Full-day workshop to improve the team's desire and ability to work as one team despite organizational, geographical, and cultural barriers.

Product and Service Development

Workshop for a team responsible for direct consumer experiences. Team members were located partly at HQ and partly in major markets.

The goal of the workshop was to increase the individual team members' knowledge about each other's responsibilities, competencies, values and strengths in order to improve the team's overall collaboration and collective intelligence.

Organizational Change Workshops


Half-day workshop for a cross-functional group with responsibilities for long-term product planning.

The group wanted to arrive at a common understanding of the core purpose for the group's work to become more effective.

The workshop enabled them to build a shared understanding of the essential mission.

Sales and Marketing

One-day workshop to understand the current way of doing business by building the good, bad, and ugly of today.

With this understanding, build and commit to an aspiration for the future of the division's operational culture.

The final step in this workshop was for each individual to develop his or her personal action plan for the aspiration.

Strategy Workshops


Two-day workshop involving the entire department (35 people) on Day 1 and the leadership team only on Day 2.

Day 1 defined and built commitment to a shared core identity and to an aspiration for the coming years.

Day 2 for the leadership team took the Day 1 results further and explored the wider strategic consequences in order to ultimately determine priorities for the next two years.

Information Technology

Half-day workshop for 250 employees from corporate IT and the IT service center. The purpose was to build 10 scenarios and imagine how the future of the wider world will impact IT and how IT can prepare to deal with these changes