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LogicPlay leads the way in offering new and innovative research-based training to U.S. and internationally based organizations.

Co-founders Robin Hendricks and William Freitas are both experienced leadership development professionals who thrive on helping professionals at all levels connect with their authentic styles, strengths, and natural abilities to help them maximize their team contributions and leadership potential.

Robin Hendricks, M.Ed., CEC

Robin Hendricks, Lego facilitatorRobin Hendricks is a dynamic Executive Coach and Certified LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ Facilitator specializing in matters involving leadership, strategy, organizational growth, and team dynamics. With experience in private and public sector healthcare, social services, and communications, Robin relates over 25 years of experience to the understanding of client issues and is especially adept at helping organizations quickly get to the root of their pain or problem.

Robin earned her Bachelor's degree in Business and Organizational Leadership from Marquette University in Milwaukee and later pursued a Master's Degree in Adult Education from National-Louis University in Chicago.

As a graduate of the Center for Executive Coaching, Robin has deep knowledge about best-practice coaching methodologies as well as leadership competencies. Together, her skills as an Executive Coach and knowledge about leadership enable her to help clients gain rapid insights that result in stronger leadership and improved performance.

One of just a few Certified LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ Facilitators in the U.S., Robin creates an optimal environment to discuss issues and challenges to help her clients see patterns in the midst of complexity, generate options, and turn ideas into action.

Robin's expertise as a Performance Management Professional is recognized at both the State and National level where she is an invited member of the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the Florida Sterling Council. In this capacity, Robin works with high-performing leaders and organizations to enhance the competitiveness, quality, and productivity of U.S. organizations.

While Robin enjoys traveling and serves as an emergency response team volunteer for the State of Florida, she is happy to call Sarasota, Florida home—a place where others come to vacation! Her three boys, ages 24, 21, and 18, are each on their own unique life paths and fill a role only they can as Robin's source of boundless inspiration.

William Freitas, M.S.

William Freitas, Lego consultantWilliam Freitas is a communications expert who specializes in conflict resolution, trust building, and mediating diversity issues involving age, culture, gender, and special interests.

With 25 years of International experience that includes facilitating post-apartheid peace groups in South Africa and leadership workshops in the US, Brazil, South Africa, Ireland, and Canada, William's background includes a strong emphasis on leadership development and working with teams in generationally diverse organizations.

While he maintains dual citizenship in the US and Brazil, William completed both his undergraduate and graduate studies in the US and is bilingual in Portuguese and English and proficient in Spanish. After earning his MS in Leadership Development from the University of Nebraska, William maintained his academic interests and was an invited lecturer at Washington State University and Florida Christian University on various leadership and communication topics.

William applies his communications expertise as a Certified LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ Facilitator when working with teams to foster high quality outcomes. By incorporating lessons on listening, the free expression of ideas, clear communication purpose, and commitment from all participants, William is able to lead teams through the most difficult of circumstances.

Whether facilitating a LEGOŽ SERIOUS PLAYŽ workshop or coaching new leaders, William's engaging style sets his clients at ease. He truly enjoys meeting new people, seeing new places, and caring for others.

When he doesn't get his fix of LEGO bricks at work, William joins in the fun with his two small children at home. Outdoors, he enjoys water sports on the sunny beaches of Sarasota, Florida.

What Clients say about LogicPlay & Lego Serious Play Method

"I could not believe how much I learned about our team in this short amount of time. The time investment is definitely worth it. The level of engagement was high and the facilitators were great. I would highly recommend this exercise.”
Ted Coyman, Procurement Official, Sarasota County Government, Florida

“Robin and William were able to use the LEGO Serious Play method to really draw out the different points of view in our group. This helped us all to challenge our thinking and not take each other's positions for granted when it comes to important issues like executing our strategic plan.”
Isaac Fennell, Vice President Human Resources, Coloredge, New York

"As a learning development professional, I was really impressed with the LEGO Serious Play process. In addition to delivering on the promise of 100% participation, it also enabled the group to talk about some genuinely sensitive issues in a productive way."
Claudette Edison, H.R., Training & Development, Sarasota County Government

“My team LOVED this workshop! This was a great investment of time and effort. It did not feel like work, and the report we got back was incredibly detailed and accurate. Based on the workshop, the team is developing specific action plans for improvement. That is a bonus I wasn't even expecting!”
Program Administrator, Florida Department of Health

“The Lego Serious Play methodology was one of the most interesting experiences my team has ever encountered in problem solving. It didn't take long for the team to feel integrated as a result of the method. Business strategies that we were struggling with eventually surfaced thanks to the group participation. Before the workshop, the team was divided when it came to strategy and having a hard time agreeing on one approach. Not only did the workshop help the team reach agreement, it helped generate solutions that were robust, yet simple.
I recommend LogicPlay and Lego Serious Play to solve critical problems and improve teamwork.”
Leovaldo Araujo, Head of Governance Technology, Algar Telecom, Brazil

“The LSP experience delivered great ROI. My team came away with new perspectives and a renewed sense of commitment to each other and to their work. Meeting and interacting with other team members was very beneficial.

The sessions helped foster collaboration,camaraderie, and helped the team create shared memories. Everyone walked away with a stronger sense of team and interconnectedness.”
Tony Gipe, Customer Service Manager, Sarasota County Public Utilities, Florida

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