Lego Serious Play Facilitation Technique

Lego Facilitators at LogicPlay specialize in creative group facilitation processes that help organizations share ideas, engage in dialogue, and unlock new knowledge.

Lego Serious Play workshops

Carefully crafted and customized Lego Serious Play workshops guarantee 100% group participation to ensure that team members are able to contribute 100% of their value.

Lego Serious Play stimulates innovation

Lego Serious Play engages deep thinking
through highly visual, tactile,
and auditory methods
that stimulate new ideas and support
long-term memory retention.

Lego Serious Play facilitation

Facilitation techniques are evidence-based and built upon solid adult learning theories applied for maximum effectiveness in today's fast-paced business environment.
Equip your team with innovation with Lego Serious Play, Lego Facilitators
Improving Candidate Fit

Improving Candidate Fit

LogicPlay is seeking organizations to join a project that uses LEGO SERIOUS PLAY during the hiring process to improve candidate fit. Click and zoom in on the infographic on the left to learn more.

Organizations interested in participating should contact Robin Hendricks at

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